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Christmas Snow

Happy Holidays

Let it Snow!

Foursight Pinot Named Top 100 Wine!

Joe's 30th Birthday

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Late-Harvest Time

Farallon Pinot tasting

The End of the Season, Beer making

Free Shipping - Two More Days!

Furniture Lust

SF Ski and Wine Festival

Tasting Room and eau de beer

Jet lag - our trip to New York City

Away we go!

Free at Last!

Frustration in the blogging world


Picking the Sauvignon Blanc

The State of Things

Wines & Vines article

Life and Rain

Progress on the tasting room

Harvest, Events, and Lots of Beer

Tasting Room, ho!

Our First Day of Harvest

Harvest starts! And more reviews

Bottling the last 2007's

Pinot Days Report from Vinography

More tasting room progress

The Past Few Days

Photos of the Cows

Surprise visit from the neighbor's cows

We have Veraison

Life Goes On

Breaking New Ground - Our Tasting Room


Bottling Season

Pinot Days 2008, Wedding Dress Shopping

Another rave review

Consumers Get Involved

Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot Noir

Great Fire Resource

Northern California Fires

Ever Seen A Baby Grape?