Free at Last!

Today was the final day of picking - Sauvignon Blanc for Navarro. Thank god, is what I believe we all said. It was a perfect picking day - foggy and cold until about 11:30, when it cleared up into a beautiful afternoon just in time to enjoy our last, post-harvest beer.

An update on the rest of our wines: we now have a lot of Sauvignon Blanc fermenting in stainless steel, one Semillon lot fermenting in a neutral barrel and two lots of Pinot finished and resting in barrel. All our wild fermentations have proceeded without a hitch, and we're even wild yeasting the Semillon. It should be a fun wine since we've never produced the Semillon on its own. And, of course, our late-harvest Sauvignon Blanc comes off the vine at Thanksgiving.

As for our building, here are some images of the latest progress. Coming right along:


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