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Vintage 2020 Update

Despite all the craziness in our human universe, Mother Nature moves forward in her annual cycle: spring rebirth, growth and renewal. Our vineyard is right on-track for the vintage, although it has started with a very frosty few months.

Bill Charles has been up, trying to keep the cold weather from affecting this year's harvest. After all, as a family business using only 100% estate-grown grapes, what we are able to harvest from the land decides our final production, and thus wine sales and income for our family for an entire year.

This spring the frost fans, which mix typically warmer air found up high (hot air rises) with the colder air below, have worked for most nights, but on April 2nd the temperature dipped to 27.5 degrees F, and there was no inversion air, or warmer air, to mix.

One of our neighbors, who farms remotely from the land of SoNapa, doesn't have a vineyard manager on-site, and they used frost fans that come on automatically. Instead of mixing warmer air…

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