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Harvest 2018 - Next Week Kicks it Off!

So far, the 2018 vintage has been cool and even, reminding us of days gone by, when Joe and I would make the trek up from San Luis Obispo or Santa Rosa to help my parents pick their grapes.

We had no winemaking or winery on site yet, so post-harvest we would kick back with some good Pinot and enjoy a big, harvest lunch, maybe a nap. Nowadays, we're straight off to the crushpad afterward, to help Joe process the gorgeous fruit and turn it into our Foursight wines.

Coming back to 2018, our weather data has been very interesting: we've had more days below freezing this year than above 90 degrees! And not a single day over 100 degrees!

In fact, the hottest weather we experienced all summer was when we were in the Willamette Valley, pouring at IPNC (99-103 most days we were there).

If you look at the table below, we were still getting lows in the 30's and 40's all summer, which is only unusual in the hottest part of the season. (The average day to night swing is about 50 d…

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