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Harvest 2018 Will Be Incredible!

Today, it's raining. And we are loving every minute!

Last Friday, we wrapped up our final pick at our Charles Vineyard, when we harvested our Semillon. Normally, the Semillon hangs several weeks longer than the rest of our vineyard, but the crop was small this year, and we didn't have long to wait.

The verdict on the 2018 vintage in Anderson Valley: incredible. It was a long, cool, even season, with more nights below freezing than days above 90 degrees. We had zero, yes zero, days 100 degrees or above this year. It was a pleasant summer, with steady ripening leading to a harvest that wasn't rushed.
With slow, even ripening comes the ability to really dial in sugar levels, and we're ecstatic about how all the fruit came in. The cooler vintage helped maintain good acidity levels, which is critical to a balanced wine.

The only downside: the shorter crop on our estate Pinot Noir (approx. 20% down). And, of course, on our Semillon as well.

Now the grapes are fermenting ha…

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