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Knowing the Ingredients in My Wines: Why I Care, and Why We Disclose

The following is just one woman's take on why I care about the ingredients in my wines. Wine is food. But it’s not (well, not legally under the laws in this country; we’re grouped in with firearms and tobacco). But really, it is. You do ingest and digest it. It’s a product that goes into your body, just like an organically grown apple or that box of McNuggets. It has calories and some nutritional properties, just like food.
Now, me, I’m not a health nut. I could probably stand to lose 10 pounds, easily. Once a year I devour an entire bag of nacho cheese Doritos all by myself. I drink coffee and too much red wine, and although I have bounced around the dietary spectrum in my adult years, I still eat red meat and the occasional refined sugar treat.
But, I also work in the wine business. And I live in Northern California – real, rural Northern California, where most of your neighbors farm something (and it's not all of the ganja variety).
I know the rancher who raises and the hun…

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