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Vintage 2019 is Here!

We brought in the last grapes for Foursight Wines last week, and the back of the winery is full of fermentors, happily bubbling away on native yeast strains! After our Pinot Noir was short by 30% in 2018, we're ecstatic to have a good crop on the 2019 Pinot and -- bonus -- our Sauvignon Blanc. This means we produced a Vin Gris (rose') again! To be released sometime in between fall and winter 2020. Quality look great so far, but, of course, we'll truly start to see when the wines come together next spring.

In the meantime, here's a quick little video we produced to show some of our harvest fun so far. We end with a little annual tradition: Evan tracing his hands on a barrel head. Looking at the years side-by-side makes my heart hurt just a little.

Oh, and bonus: saw my first centipede in Boonville! Tons of millipedes, but never a centipede. Always something to be excited about in the country (eye roll).

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