Frustration in the blogging world

I don't understand it, but some days my icon that allows me to add images to my posts just completely disappears. It's bizarre, and only happens every once in a while, but of course today's one of those days. So, alas, I'm unable to add the images of the tasting room (with redwood siding going on that we milled from Charles Lumber Company remnants and stained ourselves). I'll save it for this weekend, hopefully. Here's a text-only version of what I had to say today, as it's raining here in Boonville and I can't do much else other than stay in the office and get some things done:

From time to time I almost forget what the other major cash crop in Mendocino County is... that is, until a day like yesterday when I'm driving into Philo with the windows down and the entire area reeks with the smell of - who guessed it - weed! On my return trip I glanced over and, right beside the highway, is a giant garden - barely concealed by a board fence. People definitely aren't very shy about their favorite vegetable here. We can see a garden from our vineyard, in fact, where someone has hollowed out a giant blackberry bush and planted right in the middle. It's all sneaky until the tops grow beyond the height of the blackberries... And we're considered to be in town! This place is too funny for me sometimes...

As for the tasting room, the siding is beginning to go up just as the drizzle starts. The story on the siding is that we had it milled from old logs used in the Charles Lumber Company mill in the 40's. The porch (gorgeous thanks to Bill Charles) was milled from lumber actually saved from a fire that almost destroyed the mill, before my family bought our current property in 1950. Those logs were dragged here and we dug them up and re-used them for our front porch. I think it adds a nice touch to have our new business surrounded by so much family history. Photos to come.


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