Away we go!

This weekend Joe and I are headed to NYC for the big Wine Spectator tasting. It's actually been a while since I've flown anywhere. Seems odd, but true. And we're headed to Baltimore first to see some friends and to treat them to dinner at Charleston restaurant. I ate at Charleston during my tour of duty with my first pr firm. I will always remember that they made me eat melon, and like it! I actually mean that they paired cold melon soup with some demi-sec Champagne (Laurent-Perrier, perhaps?) and, even though I despise the entire melon family, I finished my bowl down to the last drop. Now that's what I call an inspired wine pairing. Let's hope we have the same experience next week. And some fried oysters. And Joe claims he's going to eat crabs until he pops. Now I have no idea if Baltimore has a crab season like we do, but if there are crabs, he's going to search every one in the entire city out and eat them. Apparently.

Otherwise, the siding's up on the tasting room and getting finishing touches. We even have functioning doors! Really exciting. The other news is that it's ABSOLUTELY FREEZING. Actually, it's supposed to freeze tonight. But it's been cold, cold, cold. I feel our first fire of the winter coming soon.

Wish us a safe flight and successful tasting. I'll report back when we return.


Dov said…
We can't wait!!!

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