Tasting Room and eau de beer

I have to say, coming back to 2,000 e-mails in your inbox, well, sucks. So, for the past week, we've been playing catch-up. Sorry for the lack of posts, but we still all have day jobs to compete with our winery duties. Unfortunately, the first to-do's to get scrapped are the fun ones, like blogging.

This past weekend Joe's father, Bob, came up and he painted the handicapped parking spot outside the front door (thanks Bob!). We've got stripes, images, signs - the whole legitimate deal. Then we spent most of the day doing clean-up, which isn't quite as fun - tossing scraps of wood into our old dump truck and hauling them away for a future burn day. We gathered trash, put usable boards back into our old barn, and picked up nails. It's really exciting because the outside is basically finished now, minus landscaping, which will be done by next summer because we're getting married there, so it has to be. On the inside we have to finish up electrical, then insulate, sheet rock, and finish up all the minor stuff. We also still have to stain the concrete floors in the tasting room. Oh yeah, and build a tasting bar. Just a few things...

I also decided to make up a game this week. It's called "what kind of beer is the Anderson Valley Brewing Company making today?" They're probably about 0.5 miles away from us, but the wind blows the smell right over our property, and they brew almost every day of the year (grains don't go bad and don't have a season like grapes). I've gotten good enough to guess dark or light (when it's dark it smells like burning grain), but I want to see if I can decipher the exact beer (or at least medium ale vs. heavy-hopped, vs porter/stout). Yeah, I'm kidding myself, but I can try.

I'll post some images of us working at the tasting room this weekend. I'm sure all the posts about building get a bit old for some, but it's extremely exciting for us. Selfishly, I can't wait to stand behind the tasting bar and pour wine on our opening day, so I'm going to keep everyone informed so you can make a trip up to visit. Anyway, my "add a photo" icon has disappeared again and I just don't have the energy to deal with figuring it out right now, so photos to come soon. (Yes, I'm only 27 but in some regards I'm still a tech idiot because I grew up in the workforce generation where an IT person was on-call at all times.) What mainly gets me is the networking stuff. Anyone out there looking to do some IT work for wine?? ;)


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