SF Ski and Wine Festival

This past Saturday Joe and I poured at the San Francisco Ski and Wine Festival (which was followed by the boards and brews event on Sunday). It was our first non-wine event, meaning that the emphasis was placed on the ski gear vendors and resorts selling season passes rather than the wineries. It was at Ft. Mason and there were probably several thousand people that passed through the doors that day. The crowd was the most diverse we've ever poured wine for - from just-21 and freshly tattooed to Baby Boomers to young couples with young kids in tow.

For a first-time event, the wineries roster was pretty impressive (and just as diverse as the crowd). Cakebread, Louis Latour, Schug, EOS, Enkidu, Foppiano, Barefoot ... and the list goes on. We were right next to the NOS energy drink booth, where they had a DJ and, for a solid portion of the day, were playing too loud for us to talk to people across the table without yelling. It was a good thing because it attracted people to our corner (in the back of the venue) and they were giving out free vitamin waters, but our voices were hoarse halfway through the event. They played club music, then for a while in the middle it sounded like we were at someone's wedding, then back to the club. Entertaining, at the very least.

The ultimate verdict was that it was a fun event, but too long for pouring wine. We got there at 9:30 a.m. (having gotten up at 6) and left at 8 p.m. WAY too long to stand on a concrete floor and pour wine. By the time we caught some dinner with our friends (note Erik in the photo below, looking bored), and then drove home, it was an 18-hour day. TIRING.

Joe, Kristy and Erik

Our booth, in front of the NOS energy booth.


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