The planets align and turkey!

On Sunday night we shot some photos of the two planets (Jupiter and Venus) aligning with the moon. One big advantage to living in the country is that we can actually see these things simply by walking outside the house. This won't happen again for 50+ years, so I'm glad we got a few snapshots while it lasted.

As for the Thanksgiving holiday, we took it (mostly) off. At least off from our day jobs. We did a few tastings on the weekend, processed orders, updated the Web site and the like. Down at the tasting room we dug and inserted some additional drainage pipe. We couldn't do much else because the sheetrockers didn't show up before the holiday. As soon as they come we'll be moving some of our supplies into the winery to de-clutter the rest of our houses and storage areas.

Both Joe and my mother's side of the family came here, which was great. We drank bubbly, our Foursight wines, ate entirely too much cheese and Thanksgiving fixings, and slept and slept. It was much-needed.

What else have we been up to? Joe got a rotisserie for his Weber bbq for the holidays, so he's been smoking all the on-sale turkeys and whole chickens we got right before Thanksgiving. Our dog, Tet, loves it because her favorite food is chicken. We don't normally cook turkey, so she's been in heaven because these are the biggest chickens she's ever seen. Mmmm....


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