Joe's 30th Birthday

On Saturday we celebrated Joe's 30th birthday in San Francisco! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE!) Joe's parents - Pam and Bob - as well as our friends Ethan and Colleen all met up to go to dinner and the Bubble Lounge.

The day actually started as a bit of a fiasco. We made it almost all the way over the Cloverdale road (20 solid minutes of twisty-turney) before realizing we had forgotten the wine we were supposed to deliver to a Sonoma county-retailer. So, we had to turn back, putting us very behind schedule. To be fair, we had been dealing with a very upset dog missing some toenails due to a nasty spill during the week. We were able to wrangle some dog-sitting and so off we were finally able to go.

We had lunch with our friend Erik on the way down, then met Joe's parents at the hotel. After a magnum of Roederer there, we cabbed it to meet Ethan and Colleen at the restaurant in North Beach. The House was fantastic! My new favorite. Great food, reasonable prices, and a bottle of Sea Smoke for dinner to boot. Now the 2006 Pinot tasted too young, but I think with time it will be fantastic. The food was so gorgeous I took photos and completely embarrassed all of us at the table.

After dinner we went to the Bubble Lounge, where we ordered an assortment of cheeses and Roederer L'Hermitage, plus a selection of grower Champagnes that were delicious. I can now say that we've been to both Bubble Lounges - San Francisco and NYC - within a month.

On the way back to the hotel we popped in for a beer and some pizza for Joe - the bottomless eating machine - and then back to the hotel for some much-needed sleep.



Dov said…
Happy Birthday Joe! We drank some Foursight in your honor!
Colleen said…
Yeah! We had such a great time.

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