Picking the Sauvignon Blanc

Getting the Sauvignon Blanc off the vine is always the longest harvest day as we sell it all to one winery (with the exception of a few tons for ourselves) and most of it comes off all on the same day. This year was no exception - we picked most of the morning on Wednesday and we all felt it the next day in our backs and legs.

It was FREEZING when we started (nights have been hovering in the mid-30s). The ladies we brought in to help us pick leaves had gloves on with latex coating their hands (smart), but of course I had nothing and the effect was like sticking your hands into the ocean and keeping them there until they tingled. My father took pity on me and an hour into it brought me some gloves from the house, which I wore until they became too sticky to grab anything and I had to take them off.

Other than us freezing, the pick went well. We had roped off four rows for Foursight, which we'll take next week, before we get more rain. For once, we took the afternoon off, having a long lunch and a few glasses of wine and visiting with the friends who made the trip up to help.

Here are some photos:


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