The State of Things

As it turns out, it rained only a fraction of what was forecasted - Friday afternoon mostly. This was a relief, as the weekend was beautiful and helped to dry the grapes out a bit. It's officially fall here, and the nights are beginning to get really cold again, so I'd imagine people will take advantage of the projected warm temperatures this week and get some of the grapes off the vines. I know we're hoping to take our Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon this week. They're hovering in the mid-21's in Brix, so we still have a little bit to go to arrive at that 22-23 Brix sweet spot.

We spent some of this weekend in civilization. Saturday morning we tasted the new Pinot wine as we pressed it. No signs of smoke exposure in any of our lots - our vineyard and V. Sattui's next door were the furthest from any of the fires this summer, so we weren't too worried to begin with. On Sunday we hauled in some firewood as we've now had to turn on the heater in the house twice - burning heating oil is expensive, so we took advantage of some dead, downed trees.

After this week, it's time to start thinking about labeling and packaging f0r our 2008 wines. Hooray! Then I imagine we'll start working on tasting room planning. Never a dull moment.


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