Northern California Fires

Today there's a thick haze in the air. It's been present since the lightning-strike fires started last weekend, but it's getting scarier and scarier now. There are fires burning in Navarro, on Mountain View Rd. and the mountains above Elk, in Comptche, in Ft. Bragg, and more. The fire crews are working hard, but tens of thousands of acres are now burning in Mendocino County.

The worst thing is that they're predicting a 10% chance of thunderstorms this coming weekend, while we were planning to enjoy a great weekend in San Francisco along with pouring at Pinot Days.

Here's an image of the fires in Northern California - ours are the first red dots up from the Bay Area:

Keep everyone in our area (and all those that are burning) in your thoughts. We'll need all the positive thinking you can muster in the coming week.


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