Life Goes On

The hole is now filled back in and passed the compaction tests for the tasting room (new building code), which basically just means we can proceed and don't have to dig it all up again.

Now is the time for working in the vineyard - doing what could possibly be the worst jobs of the year. This includes pulling leaves, removing weak shoots (small tendrils with massive berry clusters that wouldn't ripen even under great conditions - not enough leaves to support that many berries) and working with the whip canes in the Sauvignon Blanc (extra canes left to help the fruit set and ripen as SB is finicky here).

I was working away yesterday, and got about three rows done in about 5 hours (so sad). I was going along, listening to my ipod, enjoying some music and snipping things off here and there when my ipod stopped working suddenly. It was very sudden, so I pulled it out of my jacket pocket and, lo and behold, I cut the earphones wire in half with my clippers. GREAT. There goes my sanity for the next few days.



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