The Past Few Days

Joe's father, Bob, has been in town since late Monday, which has been fantastic but means few blog posts until the end of the week. He's in construction and so has been a huge help with the building site, helping my father monitor work and order supplies. Apparently things like trench drains go up in price significantly when you're in the North Bay and say the magic word: WINERY. When you buy them in Fresno (also home to fruit and other ag processing plants), they're a fraction of the price, so he's also helping out with some ordering of supplies and parts. It's been great.

This week we've worked a bit in the vineyard, pulling all the dying and dead leaves out of the canopy for the sparkling wine (open lyre Pinot), and yesterday I actually got to ride my horses (and somehow persuaded Joe to ride with me). So, it's been a great week all around, with some work getting done for the AVWA and Foursight when Bob's off on motorcycle rides. I guess I should specify: Harley rides. We've sent him out to the coast and back around, and today to Hopland and Ukiah and to the Harley store there.

Tomorrow night Joe and I are headed to the Boonville Hotel for dinner with several local wineries and the judges of the Mendocino County Wine Competition. It should be fun and, as always, very interesting, as our lives here always seem to be.


Victoria said…
I love reading your blog posts. It makes me feel like I'm back home :).
Dov said…
I would pay good money to see pictures of Joe riding a horse. I thought he stayed away from anything without an engine.
Thanks Vic. And for Dov - I'm wearing him down about the horse thing. Someday he'll love them... I hope.

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