The Rain Arrives

Rain arrived in Anderson Valley at about 5 a.m.-ish (took me a few minutes to wake up enough to realize it was rain, then to look at the clock). It sounded like it was absolutely pouring at our house under the trees, but the rain gauge only reported less than 1/4". Not so terrible so far...

I would estimate the majority of the fruit here has been picked, but the ridge top and slope vineyards are still hanging both whites and reds, as well as fruit at the deep end (closest to the coast). Some of our neighbors again picked all night last night. After the chaos of the past week, it's probably a nice job to process freshly harvested fruit today while it sprinkles outside. I know from talking to the picking crews, while we were sorting fruit in the vineyard yesterday, that they're glad for the time off.

The forecast predicts some showers tomorrow, then into Wednesday, but nothing more in the 10-day. Let's hope for all the farmers out there (not just of grapes) that the rain moves through quickly and then hot weather dries it back out!


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