2011 Foursight Harvest Experience

Yesterday we had an amazing day with an intimate group of Foursight Wine Club Members. For our first-ever Harvest Experience, we invited club members to join us for a day that explored the behind-the-scenes winery and vineyard work (everything you don't see when you simply visit the tasting room). Even though it was drizzly and gray, it was a fantastic day of touring, tasting and eating -- the perfect trio, in our humble opinion.

While Ozzie our winery dog supervised (also known as begging), we had some sparkling wine and small bites in the tasting room, then headed out into the vineyard for a tour with Foursight Winegrower Bill Charles. We tasted berries, then the corresponding wines, and discussed grape growing and how the vineyard is represented in each of the wines. We tested the sugar levels of grapes still hanging, and chatted about the challenges of farming.

Ozzie, satisfied after an entire pulled pork sandwich!
Family recipes - perfect with bubbles!
After our vineyard tour, we headed back to the winery to taste just-pressed Semillon juice, then Pinot Noir juice through the stages of fermentation, and finally the finished Semillon and Pinot Noirs. Our winemaker (and my wonderful hubby), Joe Webb, walked attendees through our winemaking process and invited everyone help us do punch downs (thanks guys!). It was great to see our club members getting dirty!

After wrapping up in the winery, we enjoyed an al fresco lunch of pulled pork and other treats, and of course more wine!
Bill Charles enjoys a glass of wine.
Thank you to everyone who attended. We truly enjoyed showing you the other side of our business here, and it sounds like we'll have to do another Harvest Experience in the future!


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