France and Napa vs. Anderson Valley

Sometimes it amazes me to think about how tiny Anderson Valley is by comparison to any other well known appellation within California. It's even more interesting to compare it to famous winegrowing regions internationally. For an extremely small valley like ours to have any kind of reputation for premium winegrapes and wine is a big accomplishment, and it makes me proud to be a part of it.

Seven Top French Wine Regions by Acres of Vines

  • Languedoc-Roussillon 528,000 Acres
  • Bordeaux 306,000 Acres
  • Rhône Valley 188,700 Acres
  • Loire Valley 158,000 Acres
  • Burgundy 125,000 Acres
  • Champagne 75,000 Acres
  • Alsace 34,000 Acres
Paso Robles has 26,000 planted acres, and Napa Valley has 45,000. Russian River is a mere 10,000 planted acres.

Guess how many planted acres Anderson Valley has?  2,244. That's it. Two thousand,  two hundred and forty four planted acres. Mostly of Pinot Noir. A drop in the bucket, but a passionate drop. :)

Click here for the official 2010 vineyard census.


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