Rain, Or Not

Today our rain gauge registered 0.05" -- a far cry from what was, last week, supposed to be an inch or more. However, this is very good news for the vineyard. The clusters didn't even get wet -- just the outside leaves -- meaning that mold or rot inside the clusters is less likely coming up to harvest. Mold pressure will still be higher just simply due to the moisture present in the vineyard and in the air, but it shouldn't be anything too concerning.

Brix are looking still about mid-22's to 23 in the Pinot Noir, and moving up fractions each day, meaning that harvest is still a bit away (a week to week and a half perhaps). This is, of course, dependent upon the weather, and it looks like the coming weekend will be warm and sunny. The Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon are approaching 20, which means that they're not too far behind. And, happily, the seeds are browning rapidly, moving us more toward our goal when harvesting.

So, here's to a crisis averted and an impending harvest!


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