The Big Pick

We picked again today, for several of the wineries that we sell fruit to -- both in Sonoma County. We picked everything but a little Pommard clone Pinot Noir: 115, 777, 114 and Pommard 05. About 15 tons when it was all said and done. Once again, my hands are stained brown and I'm in the tasting room wondering if I'm making any sense to the customers. Hopefully it's not just all jibberish coming out of my mouth.

Either way, another long day. At least I have air conditioning here in the TR! In the low 40's last night (I was shivering for the first few hours of the pick), all the way to the high 90's today. It's not that unusual up here to have a 50-degree temperature swing between night and day. It's what makes us such a great region for Pinot Noir.

Next pick will be Wednesday for the last of our Pommard for Foursight and perhaps another week for Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc.


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