Puppy Photos

I've been banking puppy photos in my camera, so I thought I'd post a few of the best while I'm blogging for the day.

Last week Joe and I had a day off! We took Ozzie to the beach for the first time. It was sunny and gorgeous in Elk, and he really loved wandering around and sniffing out everything, and I think he actually smelled everything. The first thing he brought back for us was a vertebrae of some animal, which we quickly buried back under the sand. That's typical Oz: the other morning we heard crunching from outside and he's laying in the front yard chewing on a cow skull that he found god-knows-where. A week before that he disappeared for an hour and came back with almost an entire deer carcass - skull, spine, ribs and one leg intact. UCK!

Gross stuff aside, he's pretty darn cute. Labs are growing on me.

Ozzie at the beach in Elk

Above: Ozzie looks like a bullfrog!



Deb said…
Although he is quite cute, but not quite as cute and Dexter and Dottie who we hope get married and have even cuter babies.

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