New Puppy!

Joe and I got a new puppy yesterday! He's a black lab/pointer mix from Arkansas that was at the Willits Animal Shelter. Apparently labs are a huge problem in the South and are overflowing shelters, so they fly litters of puppies out here to try and adopt. We had been thinking about getting a tasting room and winery dog for quite a while (and one not quite as obsessive and work-oriented as our McNabs). So when our friends Mike and Rachael got a puppy from the same litter, we jumped on it.

He's very sweet, very big, and is black with some white speckled patches that must come from the pointer. We've had him since yesterday afternoon and he hasn't had any accidents or chewed anything he's not supposed to. I'm shocked. :) (Yeah, an hour after writing this I'd find out that wasn't true. Ah, puppies...)

Anyway, now we need your help - this guy was temporarily named Bubba, but I'm not sure we want to strap him with that for the rest of his life. He is going to be a big boy, but take a look at these photos and send me your suggestions for what we should name him. We've been talking about Ozark (Oz or Ozzie for short), Beau (from Beauregard, because he's a Southern gentleman y'all), Bacchus (greek god of wine) and a few others.


Victoria said…
I like Beau. Very Southern :).
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
How about Tucker??
Unknown said…
Do you think he will pee on us like Tete?

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