How we spent the New Year

How did we spend the first few days of 2009? I have one word for you: PAINTING. We painted on January 2, we painted on January 3 and we painted on January 4. We have neck cramps, back spasms, and shoulder aches. We're taking horse-sized aspirin, and it was completely worth it.

Joe, my brother Matt, my father, my mother and myself all painted the Foursight Wines tasting room and winery this past week. It was fun until we reached the ceiling (I have no idea how tall the thing is but I have to say that we could barely reach it with a roller on a pole, standing on scaffolding Bill persuaded the sheetrockers to leave for us.) We painted the tasting room oyster with one accent wall of Mochernut (tee-hee) suede paint by Ralph Lauren. Seriously - it looks like suede. Altogether the tasting room looks like a mocha with foam on the top - I want to eat it (or, er, drink it) every time I go in there. The winery's antique white - pretty standard.

There's something so very final about painting walls. Even though there are no toilets, sinks, furniture, lights or really much of anything else, it feels almost finished because it's painted. Big illusion, yes, but it makes me feel like any day now we'll just pop open the doors and start doing business. I'm sure that will be true before we know it.

Happy New Year!!!


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