The tasting room just got its final inspection and it's officially ready to occupy! Now in the wine industry that means nothing. If we were selling office supplies we'd already be in there selling product. We have to have approval from two government agencies now to be able to operate in the building. Then we have to post our intent to sell alcohol sign for 30 days. THEN we can truly get open. So for all of you actually following our progression to being open, it's soon! I won't name a date because then inevitably something will happen. But once we get all posted and ready to go I'll let everyone know.

Anyway, we chose a name for our little pup. After long deliberation we decided to go with Ozark (or Oz/Ozzie for everyday use). Thanks for the suggestions - it was a tough one but we're fanatical about everything having a story behind it and this way it's pretty clear where this guy comes from (yes, the Ozark Mountains run through Arkansas). :)

As I keep promising, tasting room photos to come very soon. We've been peeling up the protective cardboard off the floors and doing more and more clean-up each and every day.


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