Social Networking At Its Finest

There's no denying that social networking sites help you keep in contact with old and recent friends, as well as make new ones. Because we have a lot of college/club/other friends who don't know what we're up to (you know, world domination and all), we recently created a facebook account for our winery, and I persuaded Joe to start a myspace account so we both have one (btw ladies - I know he looks good holding a wine barrel, but he's totally taken). If you want even more photos and details, look us up at:

On Facebook - Foursight Wines Inc.
On Myspace - Kristy or Joe

We'll also try to keep all our friends at both sites updated about all our big events - our grand opening, first wine releases, Web site launch, and so on. I promise some good parties in works as well. :)


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