Just in case you decide to become a criminal...

One of the fun events that my entire family got to participate in this week was something called a Live Scan. As we're owners of an alcoholic beverage facility (read: tiny, I mean MINISCULE, family-owned winery), we had to all go the the Sheriff's department and wait in line to get every finger on each of our hands scanned into the law enforcement database.

They don't really tell you why, but all I can think is that maybe we're considered high-risk because we deal with alcohol. Or maybe they're afraid we're all going to become bio-terrorists (no wait, they already have that covered - we have to register our facility with the FDA under the new bioterrorism act for that). Well, maybe the just want to be sure because alcohol's lumped into the same government department as tobacco, and, once upon a time, firearms. Either way, we all know better than to commit a felony any time in the future. Besides the fact that we're honest, upstanding citizens, no person who has ever committed a felony is allowed to own an alcohol-related business.


Victoria said…
Interesting. I thought only people who worked with children had to get live-scanned.

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