Back in Town

Just got back from the holidays and am taking the week officially off from my day job at the local winegrowers association. However, that forces me to take a look at everything we have to do for our winery in the next month plus to make sure we have wine to sell in May 2008.

- Finalize our label
- Order labels, capsules, corks, bottles, etc.
- Submit our label to the government for approval
- Finish our Web site copy and press kit
- Design and launch our Web site
- Bottle our 2007 Sauvignon Blanc and label our 2006 Pinot Noir in late February (currently in shiners)
- Finalize trademarks
- Deal with more ABC/TTB paperwork
- Start arrangements for our winery site/building

When they said there was a "high barrier to entry" in this business they weren't joking. At all. Guess I'd better get to work. Hope all your holidays were wonderful!


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