Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tasting Room Photos

Here they are! Tasting room and winery photos. My father and everyone who worked with him did an absolutely amazing job. The building is gorgeous as is the interior. We were worried about it coming out too Tuscan-looking on the inside, but I think we avoided that cliche. Altogether, it looks amazing.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The tasting room just got its final inspection and it's officially ready to occupy! Now in the wine industry that means nothing. If we were selling office supplies we'd already be in there selling product. We have to have approval from two government agencies now to be able to operate in the building. Then we have to post our intent to sell alcohol sign for 30 days. THEN we can truly get open. So for all of you actually following our progression to being open, it's soon! I won't name a date because then inevitably something will happen. But once we get all posted and ready to go I'll let everyone know.

Anyway, we chose a name for our little pup. After long deliberation we decided to go with Ozark (or Oz/Ozzie for everyday use). Thanks for the suggestions - it was a tough one but we're fanatical about everything having a story behind it and this way it's pretty clear where this guy comes from (yes, the Ozark Mountains run through Arkansas). :)

As I keep promising, tasting room photos to come very soon. We've been peeling up the protective cardboard off the floors and doing more and more clean-up each and every day.

Monday, January 26, 2009

New Puppy!

Joe and I got a new puppy yesterday! He's a black lab/pointer mix from Arkansas that was at the Willits Animal Shelter. Apparently labs are a huge problem in the South and are overflowing shelters, so they fly litters of puppies out here to try and adopt. We had been thinking about getting a tasting room and winery dog for quite a while (and one not quite as obsessive and work-oriented as our McNabs). So when our friends Mike and Rachael got a puppy from the same litter, we jumped on it.

He's very sweet, very big, and is black with some white speckled patches that must come from the pointer. We've had him since yesterday afternoon and he hasn't had any accidents or chewed anything he's not supposed to. I'm shocked. :) (Yeah, an hour after writing this I'd find out that wasn't true. Ah, puppies...)

Anyway, now we need your help - this guy was temporarily named Bubba, but I'm not sure we want to strap him with that for the rest of his life. He is going to be a big boy, but take a look at these photos and send me your suggestions for what we should name him. We've been talking about Ozark (Oz or Ozzie for short), Beau (from Beauregard, because he's a Southern gentleman y'all), Bacchus (greek god of wine) and a few others.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Trim and Pruning

I apologize for the lack of blog posts during the past week, but we've been doing the 7 days a week thing again - working our day jobs during the week and spending our weekends working on the tasting room. It's quite amazing how close it's getting to finished.

Last weekend we stained windows (no easy feat when they're 25 feet in the air) and trim pieces, and this week they all went up. We actually have two functioning toilets and one functioning sink, with a tasting bar to come in the next week or so. We had originally hoped to have all our paperwork submitted and post our "intent to sell alcoholic beverages" sign this week so we could be open for the Alsace Festival in February. No luck there - we just couldn't make it happen that soon.

Rosemary and lavender are about the only plants that can survive our frosty and wet winters, so we'll soon have the beginnings of landscaping outside. We've also been working on the parking lot - digging trenches for dividers and scheming on how to separate parking spaces.

In other family news, the parents will be going to Australia on a nice vacation in the near future. It's their second trip, so they're going to do the Margaret River region this time. As I just mentioned, the Alsace Festival is February 21-22 (see more info at It's a great event and I encourage everyone to think about attending (we'll all be there), butit also means that I'm close to full-time with the winegrowers association until it's over. Joe's working away at Londer and we're slowly bringing the wedding pieces together. We're still working on a DJ, but other than that most of the major bookings are done.

In Foursight news, our 2006 Charles Vineyard Pinot Noir just received a double gold medal from the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition! And, to make it even better, our 2007 Sauvignon Blanc got a gold medal! We're stoked.

I'll post tasting room photos soon, but figured you've all seen a toilet before so I'm going to wait a few more days for additional progress. :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

2008 in Recap

It seems like everyone feels a need to reflect upon the past year when we finally hit a new one. I understand why - it makes us feel like we've accomplished something, we can take pause and reflect upon the important events (good and bad), and we can take some lessons from all the things we F&^%ed up in the past 12 months. :)

Instead of rehashing our crazy past year, which has been amazing and surreal, I'm going to give y'all some insight into what we have going on in the next one. It's my new tradition. I have no New Year's resolutions for 2009, only the fond hope that I make it through this coming year unscathed and with my sanity.

1) Opening our tasting room (after suitably stocking it with supplies, moving our office, etc., etc.)
2) Throwing a huge opening party to coincide with the AV Pinot Fest, which Kristy is in charge of (both of them, actually)
3) Kristy and Joe planning a wedding and getting married on-site
4) Releasing our 2007 Pinots and 2008 Sauvignon Blanc, plus our 2007 late-harvest
5) Anxiously awaiting scores, reviews and awards, per usual
6) Pouring at the World of Pinot, possibly the SF Chronicle tasting, the AV Pinot Fest, and several more throughout the summer and fall
7) Canceling all our weekend plans so we can pour wine for visitors (yes, we're mostly excited about this one)
8) Installing landscaping all around the tasting room and winery
9) Trying to figure out how we deal with drunk crowds during the beer fest and fair (both of which are literally across the street from us)
10) Bill and Nancy going to Australia, Kristy and Joe honeymooning in New Zealand
11) All of us working day jobs

The list could go on and on. Either way, Happy 2009. Come visit us when you have a chance.

How we spent the New Year

How did we spend the first few days of 2009? I have one word for you: PAINTING. We painted on January 2, we painted on January 3 and we painted on January 4. We have neck cramps, back spasms, and shoulder aches. We're taking horse-sized aspirin, and it was completely worth it.

Joe, my brother Matt, my father, my mother and myself all painted the Foursight Wines tasting room and winery this past week. It was fun until we reached the ceiling (I have no idea how tall the thing is but I have to say that we could barely reach it with a roller on a pole, standing on scaffolding Bill persuaded the sheetrockers to leave for us.) We painted the tasting room oyster with one accent wall of Mochernut (tee-hee) suede paint by Ralph Lauren. Seriously - it looks like suede. Altogether the tasting room looks like a mocha with foam on the top - I want to eat it (or, er, drink it) every time I go in there. The winery's antique white - pretty standard.

There's something so very final about painting walls. Even though there are no toilets, sinks, furniture, lights or really much of anything else, it feels almost finished because it's painted. Big illusion, yes, but it makes me feel like any day now we'll just pop open the doors and start doing business. I'm sure that will be true before we know it.

Happy New Year!!!