Friday, August 14, 2009

Via Rocks

Of all the press we've gotten since we opened (Wine Spectator scores and Chronicle accolades, gold medals and mentions in area newspapers and magazines), one single, 1/2 page article has trumped them all. Earlier this summer I was in Via Magazine (the AAA travel magazine), speaking about traveling to Anderson Valley. There was a photo of me in the Charles Vineyard and my recommendations when visiting the area, along with a few mention of our winery -- Foursight Wines. Ever since that issue came out, I've had friends, family and strangers alike all saying the same thing: "Hey - I saw you in Via Magazine." That one article has probably brought more people to our tasting room than anything else. It's amazing. I do realize it's widely read and it's a well put together publication, but I never expected the response we've gotten. As I titled the post, Via rocks.

Click here to read the article.

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