Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone out there is having a fantastic holiday! On this day I wanted to say a big thank you to all our customers, wine club members, and friends and family who have supported us during the past few years. We're thankful for you, and all you've done to help us realize our dream. (air kisses!) :)

Now down to the serious business: what am I eating today? The normal turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce (albeit my nana's apple and cranberry from scratch - yum!), along with roasted sweet potatoes, a broccoli ring with hollandaise (no idea where it came from, but hollandaise and butter makes everything delicious) and rolls with my mother's homemade jam. It's all too delicious.

What are we drinking? Bubbles to start -- probably Roederer Estate Brut. Foursight Sauvignon Blanc and Dry Gewurztraminer cut through the thick hollandaise and butter, plus the Gewurzt is awesome with turkey. Then Pinot Noir, of course, which I love with simply roasted sweet potatoes and the not-too-acidic cranberry sauce. Pumpkin pie for dessert, with our 2009 Semillon (just try it - it's amazing together).

Happy Eating!


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