Foursight in the Press!

We've been very lucky to be mentioned in some great publications this fall, as well as being discovered by some up-and-coming writers. And we've just barely released our 2009 Pinots. I have to admit, however, that I've gotten so caught up with posting on Facebook, Twitter and the like, that I've been neglecting to put it all on our blog! Smartphones make it too easy...

So, to that end, here are links to some fantastic articles about our tiny winery. Enjoy, and have a fantastic Thanksgiving! We're headed to the in-laws house, then back here for the tasting room. We'll be open all Thanskgiving weekend for those looking for some fun with the family!


Foursight's 2009 Zero New Oak is "Wine of the Week" from Elin McCoy, also a wine columnist for Bloomberg News:

We're featured in VIA Magazine:

Foursight's entire line-up in the Aspen Daily News:

Our little winery is in the Sacramento Bee, among many others:


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