Harvest Continues at Foursight

As of today we have everything in except one clone of Pinot Noir (the one that's always behind - 114) and the Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon. As it turns out, this isn't the latest harvest on record for Charles Vineyard. We picked four days earlier than last year, 2010. Surprising to us, but that's why we keep records!

We expect to be bringing in the final Pinot this coming week, and the Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon in about a week to a week and a half. Of course, there is a slight chance of rain tonight or tomorrow. However, unless it's more than an inch, it won't be detrimental. It will just moderate the temperatures and cause ripening to slow down a bit. And increase the mold pressure of course.

We've been lucky enough to have a friend helping us out for harvest this vintage (go Erik!). Without help from our friends (Johnny, Jimmy, Gary, and I could go on) and family, we wouldn't be able to do everything that we do. Being grape growers AND winemakers adds a layer of complication -- picking for yourselves, plus everyone that you sell fruit to, and processing all your own fruit on top of it. Then, of course, we have the tasting room, wine club, Web site sales, events, and I could go on.

However, there is a method to all our madness. The reason why we staff our own tasting room, pour at our own events, grow our own grapes, and make our own wines, is that we believe it makes for a better end product and a better experience for our customers. If you know Foursight, you've met one of us -- the family. If you've enjoyed one of our wines, you've experienced exactly what our perspective on Pinot Noir is.


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