Getting Closer to Harvest at Charles Vineyard

Finally, everything looks purple out there in the Pinot Noir blocks! Veraison is pretty much through and we'll do a berry sample tomorrow to establish a baseline for sugars, acid and pH. We're estimating that we might be picking for our dry Pinot Noir rose in a few weeks.

As for the crop, it's going to be light on the dijon Pinot Noir clones, but closer to normal on the Pommard Pinot. The Sauvignon Blanc actually seemed to set a decent crop this year, despite the cool, wet weather. All in all, this will be a light year, not a bumper crop harvest.

However it turns out, we're all excited to see things moving along and progressing out there. It will be the latest harvest we've ever experienced at Foursight, but I'm sure it will make fantastic wine!


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