Veraison Time ... but not this year

Last year - 2010 - was one of the latest harvests we've had at Charles Vineyard. We were roughly three weeks behind our typical schedule. As it turns out, however, we may be even later this year.

The 2010 harvest was behind because of a long, cool summer. It still turned out to be a good year because rains held off until after all our grapes came off the vines. However, looking back at the calendar from last year, we were starting to see veraison (when the berries begin to turn purple and ripen) this week in one of our Pinot blocks. This year's crop is still small and green in all the blocks.

What does it mean? An even later harvest than last year -- unless it continues to be hot and dry and the vines are able to catch up. At this point all we can do it wait and see.


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