The Foursight Farmers Market

Yesterday I spent some time walking around our winery property, taking photos of evidence that summer is FINALLY here. We actually got a spring crop of loquats and figs (2 figs in total, woohoo!), which is extremely rare and due primarily to the mild spring frost season. Everything else -- quinces, Indian peaches, apples, walnuts and wild plums -- are moving along per schedule. Nothing will have a large crop this fall, but I think we'll see our first wild plums in the next week or so. That is, if the birds don't get them first.

Here are some photos of all the gorgeous fruit, flowers and more that can be found just by walking around our tasting room lot. We have to give most of the credit for the fruiting plants to both nature and the homesteaders who originally lived on this land. Most of the fruit trees are 100+ years old. Many of the flowers we put in with the tasting room and winery.

When the fruit ripens, we often have bowls of everything in the tasting room for our customers to enjoy and take home. The loquats and peaches are delicious with our Sauvignon Blanc, and the plums and figs with our Pinot Noirs. The quinces, well, don't go with anything raw, but cooked into some homemade quince paste are transformed.When you come visit us this summer or fall, don't be shy if you see a bowl of fruit. It will be ripe and organic by neglect. :)


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