We Have Power!

Today it's business per usual after spending the past day and a half without power or water. Thank god!

For the first time since we've opened, we had to close down the tasting room yesterday because the town of Boonville was without electricity. It hurt to do, but without working restrooms, refrigeration for the white wines, or running water to wash wine glasses or rinse stems, it's hard to do business. Not to mention our computers and credit card swipers being out of commission without electricity (we do have order forms in case of emergency).

It's been a while since we were without power, although I remember how exciting it was as a kid because it meant the possibility of a day off from school. Unfortunately, our local school ended up purchasing a back-up generator, so unless the entire valley was out or 128 was flooded, we usually still went to school.

Our power here comes via Ukiah to Philo, so when the wind blows like it did Saturday night (and it blew, believe me - we were headed over Mountain View Rd. and kept dodging limbs as they plummeted from trees), trees often fall on the lines and wipe everything out. Sometimes they get the Philo to Navarro lines, and sometimes the Philo to Boonville lines. Sometimes both. This time Philo and Navarro had power and Boonville was out.

Having no power or water is a disconcerting thing. It's amazing how difficult it is to function without those conveniences. We are lucky that my father is an ultra fix-it guy, so he was able to give us a few hours of water and electricity for our refrigerators via portable generators. This meant that we were able to shower and fill some water jugs (yay!) and our food didn't all go bad.

For now, I'm just glad it's business as usual, and good luck to all of those still camping in their houses!


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