I found my camera! It was in the bottom of a random bag from Pinot Festival, go figure, so finally here's a slideshow of some Pinot Festival photos from the press tasting and grand tasting. Janis, who works with me, took all the photos of the welcome dinner, tech conference and BBQ, so eventually I'll gather hers too. Oh, and our open house for Foursight will come soon too.

Sorry for the disarray (I would prefer to post all the photos at once), but I find it just simply takes a while to get my life back in order after a festival. The first step is clean-up the Monday after the event. Everything from all the venues gets dropped in the middle of our storage room by helpful volunteers. Then it's counting money and doing banking, revising budgets and working on a wrap-up report while monitoring resulting press. Thank you letters have to go out to sponsors, press and committee members who hosted an event or organized an event. Then it's sorting through the mess in the storage room and returning everything we borrowed, cleaning dump buckets and pour spouts by hand and laundering rags at home. And the list goes on.

In the past year I've added to the list above diving into everything for Foursight that I've pushed to the side for the past few months. There are simply things that cannot wait any longer. I'm now staring at a to-do list that includes everything from financial reports to wholesale accounts and making a tech sheet for our new Gewurztraminer (another post's in order for this one).

Enjoy the photos and I hope everyone's having a great Memorial Day Weekend.


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