Coolest Mobile Phone App Yet

Finally got around to reading the latest PinotFile (highly recommended by the way, if you're not familiar with the publication), and I saw what I believe is the most practical phone app yet:

"A free mobile application called TaxiMagic has been introduced by California State officials. All registered users have to do is tap on button on their iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Palm smart phones and the application determines where the caller is, contacts the cap company, and dispatches the cab to the caller’s location automatically. The user can automatically pay by credit card. Users can also book a cab with the mobile application, on the web, or with a text message. For more information visit"

They say getting a DUI is as expensive as taking a taxi from New York to LA, and now all people have to do is touch the screen on their phones or text message to have one arrive wherever they are around the state. Pretty cool.

It's not completely flawless though - there's not a single cab in the Anderson Valley area to call, even if you do have reception, which can be tough in itself. It also means they're probably using your phone's GPS to find out where you are. I think we've all adapted to knowing that our phones could be used to track us, wherever we are, but it's still just a bit creepy. Still, I'll take creepy over DUI any day. :)


Stacy Davids said…
Impressive app!I can't wait installing that app on my phone.

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