Life As We Know It and Gold Medals

The Foursight tasting room has reopened for the year (we closed for January), which means we're back to pouring wine Friday-Monday, 10-4:30. It's been nice to see all the friendly faces again, although January gave us a good amount of time to refinish floors, clean the winery, for some of us to take a vacation, and all those life things that get put on hold during the harvest season.

Our 2008 Sauvignon Blanc just got a Double Gold Medal at the 2010 San Francisco Chronicle Competition, which we're VERY excited about. Our Pinots all got silver medals (not many Anderson Valley Pinots were awarded this year, it seems). This means that all our wines, with the exception of the Semillon (we didn't enter it because we only made 25 cases and have two left) won medals, and out of 4,900 entries this year, that's fantastic!

It's also just a few weeks from the Alsace Varietals Festival here in Boonville, so I'm busy working away, 7 days a week, until that comes to fruition. Curious minds can look at the event and get tickets at Great local foods, live music, and wineries from Alsace, New Zealand, Michigan, Oregon, Washington and California.

So, not many posts to come in the next few weeks, but plenty after the event and a few days skiing at Kirkwood. I can't wait.


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