Happy Valentine's Day

So it's Valentine's Day and, surprise surprise, we're working! It's actually a great weekend to be open in the tasting room - when everyone's on vacation to the Mendocino Coast they come out wine tasting, so we see a lot of faces. Especially coupled with a 3-day weekend.

There are days when I lament having to work every weekend and holiday, minus Christmas and Thanksgiving days, but when you're in the hospitality business that's life. When other people are vacationing and playing, you're working. If we were only open Monday through Friday and closed on holidays we'd all be out of a job. :)

Tonight we'll sit down and compare notes over a bottle of bubbly (probably Roederer L'Ermitage Rose) and think about the few more barrels we can now buy for the business because we worked. Not too bad.

So, Happy Valentine's Day to everyone, and remember while you're out celebrating to spend some money. It will make those people who are working and waiting on you very happy! haha


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