Still Waiting...

We had hoped to have the Foursight tasting room officially open this weekend. As you can tell because I'm in front of my computer right now instead of pouring wine, that didn't exactly work out for us.

Unfortunately, our final paperwork didn't go through in time for the weekend. So Joe and I find ourselves with a rare weekend off, after scrambling all week to try and prep the tasting room for our soft opening. I took the week off from my day job and have been making tasting sheets, laminating materials, trying to get some photos framed, washing wine glasses - you name it. You learn in the wine business to be very patient (or to pretend to be at the very least). We deal with state, federal and local governments offices so there's a lot of waiting and signing and fees and then some more waiting. Right now we're in the final waiting period. Hopefully we'll get some good news next week.

So what do we do with our first few days off in months? Today Joe's playing frisbee golf with some friends that had planned to come up for our first weekend (at the AV brewery - a great course). I'm doing taxes (hooray!) and making our grand opening party postcard. Yeah, I should have gone to play frisbee gold and drink beer. Tomorrow I think we'll try and taste through some of the Yorkville Highlands wineries that we have yet to visit. Weekends around here, even if they are technically off, involve some fixing of broken things in our 30-year-old house (toilets leak, septic systems malfunction - you name it) and cleaning. Lots of cleaning. Such is life, right?


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