Puppies and Weddings

Ozzie is growing, growing, growing. Today he's spending his first day with my parents in the vineyard - lowering and raising wires. After we prune we have to reset the wires (they keep the foliage going straight up during the growing season). The bottom wires get pushed down and the top wires up to the very top. This is because the foliage starts out small and grows rapidly and it's easier to match the wires to the foliage as it grows than visa versa.

Look at thos paws - he's going to be BIG.

Bob and Pam, Joe's parents, made us an arch for our wedding this summer, which after pruning we wrapped with canes from our vineyard. It's gorgeous after a little decoration and we're going to use it in the tasting room landscaping after the wedding. Joe and I have also finally booked our honeymoon tickets to New Zealand, so now we just have to plan the rest of the trip. Three weeks, both islands - paradise! Although we will be wearing long johns because it will be winter. On the upside, we'll get some skiing in.


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