Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let it Snow!

Last night, about 11:30, it started snowing in Boonville! Joe and I were just thinking about going to bed and then these large flakes started to fall. We immediately put on our boots and jackets and went outside to try and catch some photos and to watch something that I've only seen 3-4 times during my entire life here. Joe was actually twirling, I believe the technical term is, he was so excited to see snow here. One of the flakes I caught in my hand was as large as my palm. After midnight we rode our bikes out into the vineyard to try and photograph vines covered in snow. It was amazing and rare - global warming is making us more and more like Burgundy every year!

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Victoria said...

That is rare! It hasn't snowed here yet. That would be even more rare :).