Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tasting Room, ho!

Last Friday we finally began to see what our final tasting room will look like. The concrete for the tasting room and winery, plus the outside crush pad was poured. Things went smoothly, the concrete set as it was supposed to, all the winery drains went in well, and at the end some small grooves were cut in the floor to encourage the concrete to crack as it cured along these grooves, and not in jagged cracks that will cause problems when driving a forklift over them, etc. In the end we'll have to fill in these grooves in the winery section with a food-grade coating to ensure no water or grape pieces linger when we're actively crushing there. Here are some photos of Friday:

Above - the giant concrete truck boom

Above - the trucks lined up on the highway

Above - working the hardened concrete

Above, from left: Bob Webb, Kristy Charles, Bill Charles and Nancy Charles, toasting the completion of the day with Foursight 2007 Sauvignon Blanc


Victoria said...

Are you wearing your HS volleyball shirt :)?

Kristy Charles, Foursight Wines said...

Ummm... Yes. It's the club volleyball shirt - hey it's still in one piece, so why not? :)