Bottling the 2015's and a Harvest Update

As I type, we have already bottled our Foursight 2015 Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon from the estate, and in a few days our 2015 Pinot Noirs go into bottle, then off to the warehouse for a long rest before we release them to our wine club (and an even longer rest before we release them to our tasting room).

We are feeling a bit lucky this year to have a more "normal" season -- harvest in September, not coinciding with a late-August bottling as it did last year. (Full disclosure, we also moved bottling a few weeks earlier this year, just in case!)

Our grapes are still in veraison (turning from green to purple), and we expect about a month of breathing room in between seeing off last year's wines and bringing in the first grapes of this year's harvest.

Our main worry this year, and there's always one with Mother Nature in charge, is the quantity of the crop yet again. Some of the blocks look down yet again (2015 was approx. 50% of normal). We have yet to do official cluster counts (where we actually count and weigh clusters on a number of vines, then use those calculations to form an estimated crop size), but that will give us a much more accurate look at the 2016 harvest.

As always, here's hoping for a great 2016 harvest!


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