Can You Believe It's Been Four Years??

This month we're celebrating our fourth year open at the Foursight tasting room. FOUR YEARS! It's incredible. We opened our doors officially on March 29, 2009!

Okay, in the scheme of things, four years isn't forever. I just saw a press release for a Sonoma-based winery celebrating 100-plus years open. But for four people who started planning this project in 2005, it certainly seems like a big accomplishment to be in business and doing well four years after hanging up the open sign.

The hurdles we've jumped (and a few we've eaten it on), have been numerous. To name but a few, a failing economy right as we released our first wines, the challenges of launching a brand with our current building still a year out, gracefully dodging a legal fight with a very large wine corporation over one of our labels, and, cumulatively most important of all, all the myriad of small decisions and path changes that running your own business requires.

We've also had a lot of successes, from good publicity, press and reviews, to wines that seem to please. Managing to prove many smart people wrong and make 100% wild yeast, wild ML, unfined and unfiltered Pinot Noirs without incident is always a proud moment for us after each harvest.

Last night we hosted a 2009 Anderson Valley Pinot Noir tasting with our industry tasting group, and our 2009 Zero New Oak Pinot and 2009 Charles Vineyard Pinot received both first and second place. The same thing happened with our 2007 Anderson Valley Pinot Noir tasting. Even small accomplishments like that make us very proud.

So, to celebrate four years (because we are FOURsight after all), we're throwing a party! On Saturday, April 6th we're having our fourth anniversary party at the winery and tasting room. We've finally been making wine long enough that we can put together a five-year vertical of Charles Vineyard Pinot Noirs, and host a tasting led by Foursight Winemaker Joe Webb and Winegrower Bill Charles. Following the tasting we'll have a lunch (by Burt of Boontberry Farm, who always does an incredible job). We're also planning some games and prizes! It should be an amazing afternoon of celebration and, for the four of us, reflection. We're happy that so many of our club members, friends and great customers can join us for it.

Happy four years to us!


Cyndee K. said…
Congratulations Foursight! And to many more!

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