The Holidays at Foursight

It doesn't matter where we are, but we always spend this time of year doing what we do best: eating, drinking, and making merry!

Whether it's the family tradition of fondue for Xmas Eve, with some bigger style Pinots (Kosta Browne, Loring, and a Londer dry Gewurztraminer to cleanse the palate), or a Christmas day roast with aged Napa Cabs (Heitz, Clos du Val -- yes we drink Cab!), we're very lucky here at the Charles property.

The tasting room closes Christmas Eve, but otherwise it's a steady hum at Foursight, with people stocking up on their own holiday bottles, then off to parties, get-togethers, or a quiet weekend on the Mendocino Coast.

Tonight we'll celebrate New Year's Eve with some local bubbles, probably some Rhys and Dehlinger Pinot Noir, and whatever else everyone brings to add to the mix.

It's also a great time to bring out some yet-to-be-released Foursight Pinots to reflect back on the past few years and appreciate how far we've come. Our first harvest for Foursight was 2006, with our first release in 2008 and the tasting room opening in 2009; tomorrow we'll be entering our seventh year of operations, and it feels like it can't possibly have been that long ago.

We hope you and yours are celebrating, enjoying each other's company, drinking some good wine, and reflecting back on either a good year past or a better one to come.

Happy New Year!


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