And Now The Peace And Quiet...

We wrapped up crush 2012 several weeks ago, and with the first rains now under our belt, it's time to relax and enjoy ourselves a little. This year's harvest was busy and compact, but the wines in the cellar are going to be good!

What we have back there now:
- Pinot Noir from our clones 114, 115, 777 and Pommard 05, aging in a variety of French oak barrels
- Semillon, aging in both stainless steel and French oak barrels
- Sauvignon Blanc, aging in both stainless steel and French oak barrels

Because we do wild malolactic fermentation and allow the natural strains present in the environment and our winery to soften the acids in the wines, a few of the lots are still undergoing ML, but it seems to be chugging through. Otherwise, it's pretty quiet around here.

A few events will wrap up our fall season: we just did Pinot on the River 2012, and Artisano is upcoming -- both fantastic events I would recommend for a wine lover.

We took a lot of good harvest footage this year, and during the next few weeks I'll work on some videos of our adventures. Otherwise, we'll be pouring a glass of Pinot, lighting a fire, and getting to all those books we neglected during the past few months.Yay.


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