Lunch at Morimoto, Napa

Does working on a Saturday count when you have an hour-and-a-half lunch at Morimoto, Napa? Given the fact that it takes us longer to get to Napa than to the Golden Gate Bridge, a break was well-deserved.

Foursight Winemaker, Joe, and I made a round trip to one of our warehouses to drop off and pick up wine, and we decided to have lunch in the revitalized riverfront area of downtown Napa. Having worked in the Napa Valley years ago, I took note of how drastically this part of the city has changed. And in a good way: I almost convinced Joe to have a pre-lunch bite at the Hog Island Oyster restaurant down the way. :)

The Morimoto restaurant in Philly carries our Semillon, so we wanted to stop in and try his Napa location (Philly's just a little too far for a day trip!). Below are images of our meal. It was a fantastic experience with great potion sizes and timing on the courses. We split everything so we could taste it all. Morimoto definitely did a good job with this one!

Joe, tolerating my photo taking (and some bubbles, of course!).

The open kitchen.

Washugyu Beef Carpaccio with yuzu soy, ginger and sweet garlic.

Pork Gyoza with garlic chives, tomato, bacon cream. This one was too cool - like a giant cocoon you opened up to reveal the gyoza.

Sashimi Ceasar with local romaine, Morimoto dressing & seared tuna.

Lobster Wonton soup with shortrib pho broth. Yum.

Morimoto IPA (8% abv!).

Bone Marrow. Saw this at another table and ordered one; delicious!

Sushi/Sashimi Chef's Combination. Real wasabi and decent pickled ginger too!

Love the grapevines on the wall everywhere!


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