Life at Conception: Could it Be Good for the Wine Business?

So my husband and I were watching the news the past few days, learning about the bill that just passed in Oklahoma declaring that life begins at conception. Putting aside my horror about this as a woman and the hilarious Daily Show skit about the proposed amendment to the bill, my husband astonished me by declaring "Hey, this could be great for the wine business."

His reasoning: if life begins at conception, then 18 can no longer be the legal voting age, and 21 shouldn't be the legal drinking age. It should actually be 20 years and three months to your first legal glass of alcohol. The wine business will gain millions more customers at an earlier age because, after all, if life begins at conception that we might as well consider that the countdown clock to adulthood, right? Right?

I'm just disappointed that this didn't happen in time for an April Fool's Day post. haha


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