Our Favorite Lake Tahoe Spots: North Lake Restaurants and Wine Bars

My husband (and awesome Foursight winemaker Joe Webb) and I have been participating in a ski lease in Lake Tahoe for two winters now. We've found it's really the only way we can cut down on work and have some fun together during our slow time.Yes, we ski, but we also spend a good deal of time eating and drinking -- probably our favorite hobby. :)

This past week we actually brought our wines and did a number of tastings for our favorite restaurants and wine bars in the area, and I thought I'd share them with everyone. What follows is a highlight reel of the places we love to eat and drink in North Lake Tahoe. If you're going up this winter (or summer), stop by one of these places -- you won't be disappointed.

Uncorked, Squaw Valley: They've got big, they've got lean, and they have glasses of just about whatever you could want. The selection is fun and eclectic, but they don't neglect the big names either. Cool people too.

River Ranch Restaurant (on Hwy 89, near the bottom of Alpine Meadows): We're spoiled in wine country, and this place serves up everything from a fantastic steak to wild game, lamb -- you name it -- all at a price that makes you feel like you more than got your money's worth. Nice wine list, of course, and friendly people. Also a great place in the summer as they have a huge patio right next to the river.

PlumpJack Cafe, Squaw Valley: Another favorite of ours, we unfortunately miss out on the dining room most of the time because we go up mid-week. However, the bar is just as great and way more casual. The wine list is mind-blowing, and they serve everything from a high-end burger to fig and blue cheese pizza, to full entrees. Yum is my rating.

Evergreen Restaurant, Tahoe City: My favorite thing about this place (besides the great food and wine) is that it's family run. Even the kids help out in the summer. The food is excellent, they have a cozy bar, and the restaurant is literally across from the lake, making it a scenic place to eat summer or winter. Highly recommended.

Pianeta, Old Town Truckee: This high-end Italian food restaurant impressed both my husband and I and my parents -- not an easy thing to do. The ambiance, with the big wooden bar and old brick walls, is cozy, warm and rustic, and the food wows. Fun wine list, plus a ton of stuff on offer at the bar. I would go in for a drink just as easily as I would a meal.

If you have any favorites of your own around the lake, we'd love to hear about them!


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